Technique for runway layout

1 - Starting point

The park in the autumn.

2 – Material Transport

3 – Production of artificial snow

During the month of November, in the night, temperatures drop to below zero degrees. We can then start to create artificial snow.

We need to create approx. 1000m³ of snow to make the circuit where the karts go and 1000m³ to make the embankments around the curcuit, so in total  2000m³.

This production is done mainly at night. At this time of year the sun still heats the air during the day.

4 – Preparing the base

After having produced enough artificial snow the « snowscaping » begins, which consists of spreading the piles of snow in a more or less thick layer (20cm to 40cm), to level the natural terrain.

After about 50 hours with the groomer and the loader for spreading and packing the snow, the base layer is ready for the first watering session.

5 – Watering

Watering is manual and is usually done at night because that is when the temperatures are lower.

It takes about another 50 hours of watering divided into several sessions to obtain a layer of compact and uniform ice.

Only after all these hours in difficult conditions , with temperatures dropping below -20 °, that the track can be used.

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